Effectiveness of vocal therapy versus thyroplasty in the voice of transgender women: an integrative review

Efectividad de la terapia vocal versus tiroplastía en la voz de mujeres transgénero: una revisión integrativa


Introduction. Transsexual women frequently encounter problems in adjusting their voices to the characteristics of their new gender. In order to help in the change to the desired voice, two techniques are often used: the surgical (Thyroplasty) and clinical (Speech Therapy).

Objective. The aim of this integrative study is to verify through scientific publications the relationship between the two techniques and observe which is the most effective.

Method. A systematic database search was conducted considering the keywords: Transsexual Persons AND Voice Feminization AND Thyroplasty OR Voice Training.

Results. Nine articles corresponded to observational studies and three used a quasi-experimental methodology. The groups studied include a broad age spectrum and the quality of the evidence is low. No study reports economic aspects of the interventions. There is no evidence of long-term follow-up.

Conclusions. The vocal treatment route with hormonal addition can be a first line, and, in case of not reporting improvements, surgery appears as another option.

Recommendation. The recommendation is for Speech Therapy, which has no significant risks of complications and is relatively cheap.


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Maria Celina Malebran Bezerra de Mello
Manuel Nibaldo del Campo Rivas


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