With the submission of an article to the Revista de Investigación e Innovación en Ciencias de la Salud, I/we hereby assign the ownership of the author's property rights to the Fundación Universitaria María Cano if the article is approved for publication. The assignment of property rights does not imply the assignment of moral rights, since these rights are unwaivable, imprescriptible, unseizable and inalienable. Therefore, the ownership of the moral rights will continue to belong to the author(s).

I/we are aware that the Fundación Universitaria Maria Cano, knows and respects the moral rights of authors, within the framework of the legislation on intellectual property rights, and the authors’ names and their affiliations will be shown in the corresponding places. Likewise, we acknowledge that Revista de Investigación e Innovación en Ciencias de la Salud will publish the article in open access, the authors will not be charged for the editing process, the article will not be used for commercial purposes and it will be disseminated and disclosed through all communication channels, databases, repositories, directories and other information and summary systems in which it is indexed and to be indexed.

As author(s) creator(s) of the article I/we declare that:

1. The article is of my/our authorship.

2. Its content, structure and writing is the result of my/our intellectual production and its realization is the result of my/our intellect and therefore it is not a transcription or copy of another published or to be published work, which means, it is an original article.

3. No contract of assignment, edition, printing or partial or total negotiation with another natural or juridical person exists or is pending regarding the intellectual property or authorship of the article.

4. There are no encumbrances or limitations on the intellectual property of the article.

5. The article is not under dispute, litigation or judicial or extrajudicial claim by any natural or legal person.

6. I/we commit myself/ourselves not to assign, publish partially or totally the article on my/our own account or on behalf of third parties.

As author/s of the article I/we undertake to respond to the Fundación Universitaria María Cano for the authorship and originality of the article subject of this assignment, guaranteeing the peaceful exercise of the rights that I/we assign through this authorization and assignment, and I/we declare that I/we have not contracted, nor will contract during the term of the same, commitments or encumbrances that violate the rights of the Fundación Universitaria María Cano or third parties in accordance with the provisions of this document; Likewise, I/we commit myself/ourselves to hold harmless the Fundación Universitaria María Cano from any claim that may be made by third parties from the moment of publication. By virtue of this, as author/s I/we make myself/ourselves responsible to the Fundación Universitaria María Cano to assume all legal and state liability in favor of third parties due to actions, claims or conflicts derived from the non-fulfillment of these obligations. Therefore, for all legal effects related to the originality of this article, the Fundación Universitaria María Cano will act as a third party in good faith.

The terms contained herein shall be interpreted in accordance with the legal regulations in force in the Republic of Colombia, as well as in accordance with the general principles of law. The parties agree to execute all means to resolve amicably any controversy that may arise, therefore, in this case, they shall preferably resort to direct settlement or the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. However, if these resources have been used without being able to reach an agreement, the parties shall be free to resort to ordinary, civil, criminal or administrative justice, as appropriate.