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Published 2023-08-09

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The Revista de Investigación e Innovación en Ciencias de la Salud (RIICS in its Spanish acronym) establishes itself as a Latin American scientific publication in the field of Health Professions. With a rigorous peer review process, RIICS serves as the central hub for disciplinary communication, disseminating original and unpublished research and review articles. These stem from research projects, contributing to the expansion of understanding and addressing the most prominent contemporary needs and challenges in the realm of health.


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Dear voice researcher, the editorial team of RIICS invites you to participate as author of a research article on the topic "The voice, its disorders and care”. Please send us your article written in English, review the Guidelines for authors and follow all the instructions. For more information, please write to

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Dra. Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva, Ph.D.
Guest editor
Michigan State University, USA.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia.
Universidad Manuela Beltrán, Colombia.

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Dr. Marco Guzmán, Ph.D.
Guest editor
Universidad de los Andes, Chile.
Clínica las Condes, Chile.
University of Tampere; Finlandia.

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Fraidy Alzate-Pamplona, MSc.
Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud
Fundación Universitari María Cano
Medellín, Colombia.

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