Current Issue

Vol. 6 No. 1 (2024)

Published 2024-01-29

Continuous Call for Submission of Scientific Articles

Dear researcher, our journal maintains a continuous call for the submission of articles. We have recently updated our editorial policy, so we kindly request that you carefully review it before submitting your work. Currently, we are only accepting research articles, systematic reviews or meta-analyses written in English and related to Health Professions. This may include aspects such as speech, voice, hearing, language, physiotherapy, sports science, sports therapy, rehabilitation, among other related fields. For further details, we encourage you to consult our Author Guidelines.

About the journal

The Revista de Investigación e Innovación en Ciencias de la Salud (RIICS in its Spanish acronym) establishes itself as a Latin American scientific publication in the field of Health Professions. With a rigorous peer review process, RIICS serves as the central hub for disciplinary communication, disseminating original and unpublished research and review articles. These stem from research projects, contributing to the expansion of understanding and addressing the most prominent contemporary needs and challenges in the realm of health.

Recent Publications

Interdisciplinary work in the human voice professions: challenges, limits, and projections
Trabajo interdisciplinario en las profesiones de la voz humana: retos, límites y proyecciones

Carlos-Alberto Calvache-Mora, Natalia María García Cervera, Lady Catherine Cantor-Cutiva, Ana Carolina Constantini, Fermin M Zubiaur Gomar, Soledad Sacheri, Mónica Morales Piedrahita

Summary views 335 | PDF views 228 | pp. 1-7

Voice Disorder, Job Stress, and COVID-19 in Teachers: Impacts in Times of Pandemic
Trastorno de la voz, estrés laboral y COVID-19 en profesores: repercusiones en tiempos de pandemia

Maria Madalena Ferreira do Bonfim, Leslie Piccolotto Ferreira, Adriane Mesquita de Medeiros, Ana Carolina Constantini, Maria Lúcia Vaz Masson

Summary views 320 | PDF views 199 | pp. 8-23

Vocal Load of University Professors: Preliminary Results
Carga vocal de los profesores universitarios: resultados preliminares

Cristiane Lemos Carvalho de Oliveira, Denise Nunes Viola, Tarciane Machado Miranda, Marcelo Santos de Souza, Maria Lúcia Vaz Masson

Summary views 217 | PDF views 100 | pp. 73-97

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