Assessment of Quality of Life for Elderly Residents: A Cross Sectional Study in Nursing Home Settings

Evaluación de la calidad de vida de los residentes de edad avanzada: un estudio transversal en entornos de hogares de ancianos


Objective. We aim to assess the quality of life of older individuals living in nursing homes.

Methodology. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on institutionalized elderly individuals for over three months. The sample size of the study was 260 and Non-randomized convenience sampling was used. The study excluded participants with cognitive impairment, severe medical conditions, physical limitations, communication barriers, severe pain, recent surgery, acute illness, or psychiatric disorders. Ethical approval was obtained, and participants were given informed consent. The study took place in various nursing homes in Lahore in June and July 2023, for the analysis of data Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 22) was used, employing frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation, and correlation.

Results. The Pearson Correlation coefficient of 0.459 suggests a significant positive correlation between these variables (p < 0.01). This correlation is evident in both directions: Quality of life (QoL) score to Mini Mental Scale and vice versa.

Conclusion. While assessing the QoL in elderly inhabitants of nursing residences, cognitive impairment, and high Body mass index (BMI) appeared to influence the overall QoL.


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Isha Manzoor
Komal Ahmed
Aneeqa Chaudhary
Saba Riaz
Maheera Nasir Ch


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